Amy Dunn - Director

2002 marks the beginning of my teaching career with Cape Girardeau Public Schools. For 18 years, I was a third-grade teacher for our district. I taught for nine years at Clippard Elementary and nine years at Blanchard Elementary.


Early in my career, my parents would share with me the need for after-school care.  I began thinking how awesome it would be if we could provide this service to our parents. This led me to get my Master’s Degree in Admin, where I really began to research the need for after-school care in our community. Thanks to Cape Girardeau Public Schools, this dream became a reality. We have begun year 2 and I currently have approximately 250 kids enrolled!


After school programs keep kids safe, inspire them to learn, and give working parents peace of mind.  These programs help children learn, grow, and reach full potential, offering new learning opportunities that help students to achieve their goals in school and in life. Children in afterschool programs have better attendance, higher grade averages, and are more likely to graduate. After school students are less likely to use drugs and alcohol.

It is our goal within the Cape Girardeau School District, regardless of income or geographic area, that all children have access to a quality afterschool program.